"Surrounded by nature"

The agritourism farm "Szymanek" is located on the former border of Poland and Prussia (on the Prussian side), formerly in the area of ​​the Bitkowo property (German Bitkowen or Bittkau), now the commune and district of Gołdap, between Masuria and Suwałki Region.

The farm is located on the shores of a small lake Szymanek (also called "Ślepowo", area approx. 6ha, max. Depth approx. 5m), to which it provides exclusive private access with the right to fish.

The lake has high, forested shores (mainly alder), in the northern part a swampy area (beaver lodges), the shores of the water are covered with a large number of protected yellow water lilies and water lilies.

Recreation for people who value peace and contact with nature without unnecessary comforts and luxuries.

Description of the cottage:

Accommodation for a maximum of 8 people, a bed with a mattress (90x200) and linen provided for each.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen, bedroom (2 beds) and a small hall (1 bed). Upstairs, 3 bedrooms (5 beds) and a storage room for the owners of the cottage (no guest access). Access to the first floor by stairs outside the building.

Kitchen equipment: old tiled stove with a kitchen and a stove, gas stove, fridge, pots, frying pan, set of plates, cups and cutlery.

One small bathroom on the ground floor with shower and toilet. Water from the municipal water supply with an electric flow heater.

A boat in the garage

Limited access to the Internet due to the distance from cellular networks, no television.